First of all I wish you a happy new year !

The new year is usually the time we like to take a step back and look at what happened the last few months. So I’m following this approach too and here is my “ReStory” of 2013 !


In February I had another chance to speak during a session in Paris for the TechDays. I did a talk with my colleague Charlotte on performance tuning for Windows Phone 8 apps. If you are interested the recording is available here (in French)


MVP Summit

In late February I flew to Redmond for the MVP summit. It was an amazing time again meeting many other MVPs and having a glimpse of what’s coming next in the Microsoft pipeline 🙂



In late October I went to Soft-Shake, a conference in Geneva where I did a talk on Windows Phone 8 app development. It was a great experience because the conference itself is opened to many techs and it not Microsoft only.


Startup Week-End

This is not Microsoft-related (at least not yet…) but it had a big impact in my personal & professional life… In November I won the 1st prize of a Startup Week-End in Grenoble ! We introduced a web platform to collect, organize and visualize your best memories. It’s too early to share the details but I hope to be able to work on this for real 🙂

You can watch the 60 second long video that introduces our idea here.

You can read our experience about the startup week-end here (in English).


Blog posts

I wrote less blog posts than the previous years. As expected it’s mostly Windows Phone and Windows 8 related…

What’s next ?

I have a couple of hot stuff on my list for 2014, here are some of them:

  • January: I will (finally) release 2Day for Windows 8 ! This release was a big development effort and I’m exciting to give access to it to everyone through the Windows store 🙂
  • February: I will speak about Azure Mobile Services at the Microsoft TechDays in Paris where I will speak about Azure Mobile Services
  • April: I will join the Global Azure Bootcamp in Lyon

I hope you will have enjoy 2014 too 🙂

I need your help to launch ReStory!

This is a off topic post about an incredible journey that started a week ago for me… I need your help by giving a vote that matters a lot for my future.

I participated in a Startup Week-End in Grenoble, the city I live in here in France. The idea is simple: pitch an idea in 60s the Friday evening, create a team, work for the next 54 hours on the concept, give a 5min presentation to the jury.

It turns out the team I joined… won the 1st prize (I’m the second guy on the left):


This opens an incredible amount of opportunities. The first one is the Global Startup Battle: a competition between all the winners of the Startup Week-End of the last 3 weeks across the globe !

I need YOUR help, by spending 1min to vote for the concept. To do so:

– Follow this link: http://bit.ly/restory
– Click on +1 for ReStory and fill the blanks, wait for an email (even in your junk box)
– Click on the link in the email
– Click on the again on http://bit.ly/restory and vote for us

Our concept is simple

– We love our memories, we love to remember great moments.
– We try to keep everything in too many places
– We forget where and what are our best memories.

We want to change this. We want to build a simple web application so that you can collect, visualize, search and collect your memories. Here is the 60s presentation:

Feel free to visit our website at www.restory.co for more information 🙂
And do not forget to vote for us !
Thanks !