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Mix10 : first Windows Phone application using Blend4

You’ll need not more than a couple of minutes to download and install all the tools needed to create your first Windows Phone application using Blend.

Here is a tour in images:

Welcome in Blend 4

Discovering new projects templates in the Welcome dialog:

It must be quite familiar to you if you’re working with WPF or Silverlight

Choosing a target

Launching the app in the emulator

App.xaml file has all the resources for the Windows Phone theme

Let’s go now and play with the tools 🙂

Mix10: Windows Phone 7 series development tools available

The first keynote of Mix10 is just over and the biggest announcement I was waiting for occured: Windows Phone 7 series development tools are NOW available for FREE.

Grab the tools right now ! You’ll need:

If you want more details about Blend4, you can check out Christian Schormann’s overview. A new website is now live for all Windows Phone 7 series related development information at http://developer.windowsphone.com/

Another announcements is the availability of Silverlight 4 RC and support for VS2010 RC:

For more information about Silverlight 4 RC, you can check out the blog post of Tim Heuer.

I can’t wait to play with all this new stuff. It’s very impressive to see the work done around Windows Phone 7 series. WPF and Silverlight developers just became Windows Phone developer today, and I think this is great !

I’ll give more feedback as soon as the tools will be installed 🙂

Mix10 starting today !

Mix10 is starting today and we can expect many cool announcements during the keynote. You can watch the keynote online at live.visitmix.com. I’ll try to give feedback as soon as possible. Because I’m not lucky enough to be in Vegas, I’ll watch the keynote tonight (French time !) at home with some coworkers.

Last information before the keynote, it looks like we’ll have some announcements about Silverlight running on Symbian devices…