Mix10: Windows Phone 7 series development tools available

The first keynote of Mix10 is just over and the biggest announcement I was waiting for occured: Windows Phone 7 series development tools are NOW available for FREE.

Grab the tools right now ! You’ll need:

If you want more details about Blend4, you can check out Christian Schormann’s overview. A new website is now live for all Windows Phone 7 series related development information at http://developer.windowsphone.com/

Another announcements is the availability of Silverlight 4 RC and support for VS2010 RC:

For more information about Silverlight 4 RC, you can check out the blog post of Tim Heuer.

I can’t wait to play with all this new stuff. It’s very impressive to see the work done around Windows Phone 7 series. WPF and Silverlight developers just became Windows Phone developer today, and I think this is great !

I’ll give more feedback as soon as the tools will be installed 🙂

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