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Windows Phone performance analysis & optimization during TechDays

In about 2 weeks now, I’ll have the chance to be part of the French TechDays in Paris as a speaker. This year, I’ll own a session called “Windows Phone performance analysis & optimisation” with my colleague Charlotte.

The agenda looks like the following:

  • why performance analysis ?
  • device vs emulator
  • leveraging WP7 threads
  • using the VS profiler for WP7
  • tips and tricks

During the session we will use a “real” app we’re working on for a few months now (I’ll share more details after the session). We have some cool tips that haven’t been shared anywhere before, so if performance is a topic of interest for you, stat tuned !

Click on the following image for a link to the TechDays website:

I’m planning to share the most of the content of this session on my blog soon after the event.

Don’t hesitate to stop by and say hi…

TechDays 2011: Rx talk, slides and source code

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