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BezierSegment demo application

It has been a long time since my last post, I’m must admit I was both busy and trying to find something cool to blog about. Because I’ll be in holidays tomorrow, I decided to take some time to build a sample application that demonstrates a feature of WPF I’m going to use soon.

In the sample application (source code available here), you will be able to play with the BezierSegment class. I created a simple control that wrap the BezierSegment into something more easy to visualize.The application allows you to drag and drop points and to animate the line.

Here is the result:


I hope you’ll like it ! The reason I’m going to use this class is in a diagramming control (like Visio) to connect shapes together…

Download the source code.

Thinking in WPF: attached properties

Today, I decided to start a series that I’m calling “Thinking in WPF”. As you already know, I do NOT consider myself as a WPF specialist, so those blog posts don’t aim at giving a perfect knowledge of the “best” (if there are any) ways of thinking in WPF. I’d just like to share what I’m experiencing 🙂

In my previous post, I started to write about things that I think makes WPF different. In the current project I’m working on at work, I had a good example of a new way of thinking with WPF. Todays article deals with a new WPF concept called Attached properties.

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