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Becoming a Resharper Samourai

I already blogged about Resharper. Resharper is a must have plugin for any serious .Net developer because it will help you to write better code faster. If you’re not yet convinced by the power of this addin, 2 very nice short screencast (about 10min each) are available to show what you can do with Resharper:

StyleCop + Resharper = StyleCop for Resharper addin

If you’re a .Net developper then you MUST use ReSharper. I you don’t, I suggest you to have a look at this very nice video demonstrating some of the feature of this Visual Studio addin. If you also like having a clean C# code, then you might also use Microsoft StyleCop tool.

I just found this a very cool Resharper plugin that allows Microsoft StyleCop to be run as you type, generating real-time syntax highlighting of violations:

The StyleCop for Resharper plugin is hosted on CodePlex and is free. I think it’s a must have for any .Net developer. Its author really did a good work 🙂

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