Introducing the ContentSlider control

In my very first article, I wrote an article about an implementation of a solution allowing to use transition (using a sliding effect) between views in a WPF application.

As a reminder, here when I talk about “views” I mean a screen of the application. One of this screen could be used as a login screen, the other one to setup parameters, etc.

In this article, I introduce a CustomControl that I build in order to re-use the implementation I described in an easy way. Basically, using this control, you can write something like:


All the specific stuff related to the transition (the animation, the use of a VisualBrush…) is handled INSIDE the control so that it is completely transparent to use.

From C# code point of view, you’ll need to use 3 functions:

  • PrepareSlide()
  • SlideToLeft()
  • SlideToRight()

The first one (PrepareSlide) must be called right before changing the content of the view. It will create a “snapshot” of the view so that it will become possible to animate it.

The next two one should be called to slide the content to the left (or to the right).

I hope you’ll enjoy it. Here is a solution containing the control with example.

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