Discover and compare existing MVVM frameworks !

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a blog post where I compared the existing MVVM frameworks. This post became a bit famous in the WPF/Silverlight blog world and I received a lot of feedback to update the list, fix information, etc. I also got a request from Erik suggesting me to put all the datas in a matrix.

Today I’m proud to announce the MVVM frameworks Silverlight application (click the image to open the Silverlight3 page).


A couple of observation:

  • please contact me via this blog or twitter if you find incorrect information
  • I’m not judging anybody’s work by giving rating, it’s just my personal feeling to have an easiest way to sort the data

Hope you’ll like it 🙂

22 thoughts on “Discover and compare existing MVVM frameworks !

  1. Whaou ! Tu m’avais caché tes talents en matière de développement Silverlight ! Félicitations !

  2. Hey Jeremy,

    My toolkit is the only one that appears to have Silverlight support in the grid. That cannot be right 😉


  3. Hi
    I am new to SL + the MVVM pattern. I looked at the MVVM Light but the docs are lacking. Can you recommend a MVVM framework that is better for getting up to speed?

  4. Hi Bob,

    MVVM light is a good option because it’s simple. The docs might be lacking on the codeplex site or on Laurent’s site but I’m sure you can find ton of other resources online.

    Catel is another great framework with a ton of documentation.

    Hope it helps,

  5. Looks like Cinch and Catel have better support docs.
    I would like to use MVVM Light, but documentation is really weak.
    Any thoughts on the mentioned products?

  6. Bob,

    Yes both Cinch and Catel have better docs. I guess it also depends on the complexity of the app you’re building. My personal point of view is that I prefer to have a very light MVVM framework and a good architecture “behind” the MVVM principles. You should also be careful about not going into the “110% MVVM”: for some cases, I make sense to have code in the view…

    You can check out the “Advanced MVVM” book from Josh Smith as a good introduction on this subject.

  7. Thanks for your input…I am a newbie to SL and was looking for better docs on getting up to speed on the development I need to do for the MVVM portion. I will take a look at the suggested reading and see if that gets me there????

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