Browse your codebase like a pro with ReSharper

I’ve already blogged about R# a couple of times. There is no doubt: it’s a must have for any serious .Net developper. A few weeks ago I learned and setup new shortcuts to improve my navigation skills in Visual Studio.

Here are the results… If I want:

  • to find a Type I hit Ctrl+T
  • to find a File I hit Ctrl+Shift+T
  • to find a Member (in a file) I hit Ctrl+Alt+T (Note: I setup this one on my own using Tools/Options/Keyboard)

A search box opens and I can start searching instantaneously.


Here are the basic scenarios :

  • I want to open the ViewModelBase class, I hit Ctrl+T and then VMB (R# is able to search using capital letters)
  • I want to go to the OnPropertyChanged, I hit Ctrl+Alt+T and then OPC (same as previous example)
  • Finally, to open the file in the Solution Explorer I hit Shift+Alt+L

It’s simply amazing the time we can save using those simple shorcuts. Of course, you need to be quite familiar with your codebase (if you just arrive on a project it will be harder :p)

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