Introducing 2Day: a fast & fluid todo-list WP7 app

Today is an important day for me. A couple of days ago, my colleague Charlotte and me released a new Windows Phone 7 app: 2Day. Because we put a lot of energy in the design and the realization of this app, I wanted to showcase it in a post 🙂

2Day is a todo-list app we have been working on for several months. It can be summarized the following way:

  • fast & fluid: 2Day is fast to run & fast to use because of many tricks (you can add a task right from your home screen)
  • connected: 2Day supports both ToodleDo and Exchange synchronization + SkyDrive as an online backup storage
  • engaged: we listen feedback very carefully and users can reach us by mail, Twitter or UserVoice
2Day is available in English, Italian, Spanish, German and French !

click for full-resolution image

I will without any doubt write some articles about the technical story behind 2Day. They are many interesting things I would like to share with you.

Please, if you appreciate my blog and think that 2Day is cool spread the word 🙂

For more information:

You can use the following QR-code to go directly to the marketplace from your mobile:

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