Historical debugger in Visual Studio 10

As you may already know, last week, Microsoft reveals the next version of Visual Studio : Visual Studio 2010.

To give more details about the new features, a “Visual Studio 10” week was set up on Channel9, and every day new features were described. You can find a list of the available screencast here.

I didn’t have time to watch all the videos, but I take a look at the historical debugger video and I must admit I was really impress by this new tool. Basically, using the historical debugger feature we will be able to “record” a debug session, and then, as using a “time machine” we will be able to step back in time through the debugger and find out what goes wrong.

I think this is a very cool feature and we can hope to improve the time we need to fix a bug (no more need to set multiple breakpoints to get closer to the bug iteration after iteration). I’m looking forward to play with it !

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