BUILD: Starting the BUILD series !

In two weeks, I’ll have the chance to be part of the BUILD conference in Los Angeles. It will be my second trip to the US (my first one was in Seattle in February for the MVP summit) and I’m really looking forward. During the conference I’ll be blogging extensively to share with you the new information.

BUILD is the new conference about the future of Windows. We can expect many information about Windows 8 and its new development platform. At this point we know that HTML5 will be an important aspect of this new platform, but without any doubt XAML will also be part of the game. Note that I’m not saying neither “WPF” or “Silverlight” because what is coming with Windows 8 is still unknown. It looks like XAML will be accessible from both the native  (C++) and managed (.Net) world.

In order to follow the event:

Make sure to check my blog in order to have the latest information about the future of WPF, Silverlight and Windows from a .Net guy perspective !


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