Welcome 2012 and happy new year!

The beginning of the year always seems the appropriate time to take a step back and see what happened in the last few months… So let’s take a deep breath…

The last year has been a busy for me… At the beginning of February I had the chance to give a talk about Rx (Reactive Extensions) in Paris for the Microsoft TechDays with my colleague Charlotte and ex-Microsoftee Mitsu Furuta. It was my first talk in such an event and it was a very valuable and interesting experience.

Few weeks after that, I went to the US for the very first time. I was in Redmond for a week for the annual MVP Summit. I had a dinner with the WPF Disciples where I finally met in person some of the guys of the group. I also discovered the Microsoft campus in Redmond, had a dinner with members of the WPF team…

In September I went to Anaheim (near Los Angeles) for //BUILD/. It was an amazing time. I’ve never seen so much enthusiast and it was truly amazing (maybe the Windows 8 slate distributed during the event is part of that!) It was also the occasion to meet new people.

In November, I went to Lyon for the MSDays as ATE (Ask The Expert) in order to discuss Windows 8 (and show the //BUILD/ slate):

Blog post activity has been also important and more varied (Windows Phone, Windows 8, WinRT…)

In 2012, I hope to do more work with Windows Phone. As an introduction to that, I’ll be speaking at the Microsoft TechDays in February on the subject “Performance analysis and optimization of Silverlight Windows Phone app”. I’ll write a blog post about this session very soon.

Happy new year to all my readers, and thank you for reading this blog and sharing your feeling in the comments!

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  1. Hello Jeremy,

    I also wish you a happy new year and a lot of success in your job.
    I will also be at the TechDays in February, I hope I will meet you there.


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