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BUILD: Starting the BUILD series !

In two weeks, I’ll have the chance to be part of the BUILD conference in Los Angeles. It will be my second trip to the US (my first one was in Seattle in February for the MVP summit) and I’m really looking forward. During the conference I’ll be blogging extensively to share with you the new information.

BUILD is the new conference about the future of Windows. We can expect many information about Windows 8 and its new development platform. At this point we know that HTML5 will be an important aspect of this new platform, but without any doubt XAML will also be part of the game. Note that I’m not saying neither “WPF” or “Silverlight” because what is coming with Windows 8 is still unknown. It looks like XAML will be accessible from both the native  (C++) and managed (.Net) world.

In order to follow the event:

Make sure to check my blog in order to have the latest information about the future of WPF, Silverlight and Windows from a .Net guy perspective !


MVP Client App Dev: one more year!

The last few weeks have been very busy for me and unfortunately I don’t have much time for blogging… I wanted to give a quick update however because I receive great news a couple of days ago in my inbox: I’ve been re-awarded MVP in the Client App !

This nomination is my second one. The past 12 months have been very interesting and exciting for me:
• I was the speaker during the Microsoft Techdays in Paris
• I went to the US the first time in order to meet other MVPs in Redmond for the Global MVP Summit
• I started new interesting projects at work involving new Microsoft technologies I was not very familiar with

About the MVP award, I’d also like to thank my co-worker Charlotte who is very often helping me by polishing articles I wrote, giving technical presentations with me, etc. I think part of this award is for her too 🙂

This post is also an occasion to bring the topic of the future of WPF and Silverlight on the table… As you probably know there have been a lot of rumors and debates lately about this. My opinion is simple:

• The message from Microsoft during the first preview of Windows 8 should have been “you’d have the ability to develop apps using HTML5” instead “these apps will be develop using HTML5” (which lead to the WPF/SL/.Net are dead discussions…)
• The future of XAML is exciting: the decision to move the XAML team from DevDiv to WinDiv is a sign that XAML will play a big role in Windows 8 (probably for both native and managed apps which is huge)
• WPF and Silverlight are both good UI technologies, we might see something new coming in Windows 8 but I think it’ll be based on concepts we’re already familiar with (such as binding, XAML…)

If you want to read more about Windows 8 you can check out those posts:

Strange times in the world of Microsoft developers (by Josh Smith)
Microsoft needs to tell Windows 8 developers now about ‘Jupiter’ and Silverlight (by Mary-Jo Foley)

Hopefully we don’t have to wait for a very long time since the BUILD conference is September should give many answers to us.

PS: most of my lack of time for writing new blog posts come from a new house we just moved in with my girlfriend… We’re now 10 minutes from the city center of Grenoble 🙂