.Net4, WPF4 and VS2010 interesting links

Since the release of VS2010 last week a lot of cool blog posts had been written. The thing is more than VS2010 itself, the Beta1 comes with .Net4 and WPF4 too, and that’s exciting too !

Because I didn’t have time yet to write my own feedback, I’m sharing some links I found the last couple of days.


  • A full list of what is available to download (VS2010, .Net framework…) can be found here.

MSDN Documentations

  • .Net Framework4 Beta1: here
  • What’s new in .Net Framework4 Beta1: here
  • WPF4 Beta1: here
  • What’s new in WPF4 Beta1: here
  • VS2010 Beta1: here
  • What’s new in VS2010 Beta1: here

From Beta1 to Beta1 and RTM

  • Jaime Rodriguez wrote a very nice article today and share his “insider view” of what’s on the road to RTM.
  • Karl Shifflet explained on his blog what’s going to change in the DataBinding pipeline (no more dummy converter !)


  • Interviews of WPF and Silverlight program managers.
  • Rob Releya is also talking on the new XAML stack available in the framework. More information can be found on his blog.

Other bloggers

And also, Blend3

  • Unni’s wrote an article about updates that had been made to Blend regarding user feedback on Connect.

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