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Wanted: Windows Phone / Windows 8 developers for 2Day !

Almost one year ago, I decided to create a simple but efficient todo list application for Windows Phone 7. In April 2012, I released 2Day, a fast and fluid todo list application. Today, while I’m busy preparing a new version which leverage new stuff available in Windows Phone 8 I also have big plans for Windows 8.

And now, that just too much for a single man. This is why, I’m now actively looking for a couple of developers who would like to join me in the 2Day development team!

If you:

  • Have development experience in C# and XAML (WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone or Windows 8)
  • Want to work on an interesting app full of innovative features
  • Speak English or French
You will enjoy:
  • the latest cool technologies available
  • working in a international context (2Day is localized in 5 languages)
  • engaging directly with 2Day’s users through the UserVoice website
  • organize you work with the team
  • build the Windows 8 app from the ground up

Note: I’m not offering full time job here. 2Day is a personal development project I’m doing on my free time 😉

Please drop me an email using the Contact form or via Twitter. I Hope to get in touch with you soon.