Minor update to the Silverlight MVVM frameworks explorer

Thanks to the readers who gave me feedback on my Silverlight MVVM frameworks explorer I updated the application this morning in order to fix some problems.

Here is the change set:

  • fix incorrect URLs
  • fix incorrect “Silverlight Support” options. As Laurent Bugnion said in the comments, his MVVM Light framework was the only one supporting Silverlight which was strange…
  • links now open in a new window

Click on the following image to launch the Silverlight application.

About adding new frameworks, I’m not sure to add those which targets a much larger domain than MVVM itself. CompositeApplication guidance for example is a lot more than MVVM…

1 thought on “Minor update to the Silverlight MVVM frameworks explorer

  1. This is a great listing. Thanks for maintaining it.

    The rendering of the DataGrid feels a little cramped to me. Can you add a Margin or Padding for each of the cells?

    Or, is this by design to fit more information onto the screen at one time.


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