Mix10 is coming : Windows Phone 7 series sessions announced !

Next monday, Mix10 will start in Las Vegas. Even though it’s a little bit far from my place here in France I’ll try to give feedback after the keynotes and as soon as first videos will be available. I’m sure you’re aware that major announcements this years at Mix will be about the Windows Phone 7 series.

To make the long story short :

I’m sure you realize that we are going to a very capable and powerful mobile platform here:

  • all existing .Net and Silverlight developers are going to be able to write apps for the Windows Phone (this is HUGE)
  • we are going to finally have the 3 screens version of Microsoft: develop once and then run on your mobile, your PC and your TV (XBox)

Mix10 website now contains the name and the description of the sessions which are dedicated to the Windows Phone 7 series:

If you’re using Twitter, make sure to watch the #wp7 hashtag. It make not any doubt the next week is going to be very informative about Windows Phone 7 series.So stay tuned !

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