[WP7] Windows Phone 7 challenge for french readers !

A couple of months ago, the french programming website www.developpez.com organized an event to discover Windows Azure programming (I wrote a blog post about it here).

A similar event has just been launched for Windows Phone 7 development at challenge-windowsphone7.developpez.com

(tr: “Let’s go !” “World cup ?” “No… Windows Phone 7 challenge by developpez.com !”)

The challenge is made of 6 steps:

  1. Tools : download and install the required tools
  2. Quizz : first basic quizz
  3. Silverlight development
  4. Silverlight and push notifications
  5. XNA
  6. Quizz : advanced quizz

Each winner will have the following gifts:

This kind of challenge is really helpful to discover a new technology the funny way ! I hope I’ll get my “I Love Windows Phone” tee-shirt to wear it this summer 🙂

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