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Review of 2009 blog posts

In the past year, I’ve posted more than 30 articles on my blog. Here is a summary of those posts (link in bold are those which got the most traffic during the year). Obviously, MVVM was a very hot topic during 2009 🙂











Analyzing events usage using a R# plugin

As you might already know, even if the .Net framework has a garbage collector, you can easily create memory leaks in your application.

The most common way to create a leak is to register to an event handler on a object that has a longer lifetime than the object where the handler is defined. The problem can also occurs by using static class such as EventManager (for more information see this blog post). Some .Net developers have been working on a way to go round the problem using Reflection, Weak Reference and other cool stuff. You can check out for example this excellent article on Code Project.

However, if you cannot change the way your declare events (because of internal policies in the company or because you don’t have the source code), you must be very carefull about the way you manage your events.

I’ve been working lately on a Resharper plugin that helps detecting events that are never unsubscribed. Basically, what is does is the following:


I’d like to have feedback from you .Net developpers, about whether you find such a plugin useful or not.

  • How do you deal with the event memory leak problem ?
  • Would you like to use my plugin ?
  • Would you like me to release it on a open source platform ?
  • What other kind of possible leaks are you thinking about to enhance the plugin ?

Please write a comment to let my know what you think. Thank you for your feedback !

Browse your codebase like a pro with ReSharper

I’ve already blogged about R# a couple of times. There is no doubt: it’s a must have for any serious .Net developper. A few weeks ago I learned and setup new shortcuts to improve my navigation skills in Visual Studio.

Here are the results… If I want:

  • to find a Type I hit Ctrl+T
  • to find a File I hit Ctrl+Shift+T
  • to find a Member (in a file) I hit Ctrl+Alt+T (Note: I setup this one on my own using Tools/Options/Keyboard)

A search box opens and I can start searching instantaneously.


Here are the basic scenarios :

  • I want to open the ViewModelBase class, I hit Ctrl+T and then VMB (R# is able to search using capital letters)
  • I want to go to the OnPropertyChanged, I hit Ctrl+Alt+T and then OPC (same as previous example)
  • Finally, to open the file in the Solution Explorer I hit Shift+Alt+L

It’s simply amazing the time we can save using those simple shorcuts. Of course, you need to be quite familiar with your codebase (if you just arrive on a project it will be harder :p)